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Smarter Balanced Digital Library

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is committed to ensuring that all students leave high school prepared for postsecondary success.  A balanced assessment system - which includes the formative assessment process as well as interim and summative assessments - provides tools to improve teaching and learning.  The formative assessment process is an essential component of a balanced assessment system.  
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What is the Smarter Balanced Digital Library?
The Digital Library is a searchable, interactive online collection of instructional and professional learning resources developed by educators for educators.  These resources are aligned with the intent of the Common Core State Standards and help educators implement the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning.  The Digital Library will also include resources to interpret data and reports from the Smarter Balanced summative and interim assessments.  The Digital Library incorporates collaboration features providing educators opportunities to review resources using a rating system and share their expertise with colleagues across the country in online forums. 

Formative Assessment
Formative Assessment is a deliberate process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides actionable feedback that is used to adjust ongoing teaching and learning strategies to improve students' attainment of curricular learning targets/goals.
Four Attributes of Formative Assessment
The formative assessment process is key to a balanced assessment system.  The Smarter Balanced Digital Library supports educators with four attributes of formative assessment: Clarify Intended Learning, Elicit Evidence, Interpret Evidence, and Act on Evidence.  It provides subject- and grade-specific resources that help educators apply the formative assessment process during daily instruction.

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Who can access the Digital Library?

The Smarter Balanced Digital Library is intended for use by all K-12 Connecticut educators. Individuals with access to the Digital Library have the ability to download and share the resources with others; however students and parents will not have direct access to the library.

How do Connecticut educators access the Digital Library?
Educators should contact their District Test Coordinator for access information. Once educators have been provided a username and password, they will be able to access the Digital Library. District Test Coordinators may e-mail for technical support.

How do I use the Digital Library?
The Digital Library uses state-of-the-art tagging, filtering, and search features to locate, view, download, and rate resources. Users just need to click on one of thousands of resources at all grade levels and content areas to read, and then download it for immediate use! 

The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education created a 15-minute Navigating the Smarter Balanced Digital Library tutorial.  After viewing the tutorial, educators will understand the Digital Library log in procedure and how to use the Digital Library search functionality to find resources.

More information about the Digital Library is available on the Teacher page of the Smarter Balanced Web site. Videos providing "Live Tours" of how to log into the Digital Library, browse for resources, and utilize the Digital Library for collaboration purposes are available. "Help Topic" presentations are also available on this page.

View a recorded presentation that provides information about the Quality Criteria that was used to review resources for the Digital Library.

Where can I find more information about the Digital Library?

The Digital Library Factsheet outlines the innovative design features and collaboration features of the Digital Library. The Digital Library Modules slide deck provides useful information about the formative assessment process, as well as links to three sample resources. (Please note: To view the Digital Library Modules first download and save the presentation, then view in Slide Show mode).
The formative assessment process is an essential component of a balanced assessment system.
Visit the
Teachers' page of the Smarter Balanced Web site to view additional Smarter Balanced materials created to support educators. 

Contact Information
Contact the Academic Office at 860-713-6890 or with questions regarding the Smarter Balanced Digital Library.


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