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Developing a High-quality Professional Learning System

Connecticut's Definition of Professional Learning: High-quality professional learning is a process that ensures all educators* have equitable access throughout their career continuum to relevant, individual and collaborative opportunities to enhance their practice so that all students advance towards positive academic and non-academic outcomes.

* Applies to all certified employees and can extend to all school and district staff.

2012 Statutory Elimination of CEU Requirement for Professional Certificate Holders

Connecticut Standards for Professional Learning adopted May 6, 2015

Connecticut Guidance for a Professional Learning System

Elements of a High-Quality Professional Learning System

Professional Learning System Foundations Tool Kit

{Professional Learning Standards}

{Professional Learning Podcasts}

Professional Development and Evaluation Committees

Guidance for an Effective PDEC

Connecticut General Statutes for PDECs and Professional Learning

Boards of Education

Webinar: Overview of the Connecticut Standards for Professional Learning

Professional Development Task Force

Professional Learning Spotlight

The Gilder Lehrman Insititute of American History

Repurposing the Faculty Meeting - Accountable Talk Discussion

Research & Policy Library

{Learning Forward Logo}

Learning Forward is dedicated exclusively to professional learning for all educators to advance educator and student growth. The resources provide extensive tools and discussions on professional learning and integrating successful professional learning systems within districts, schools, and classrooms.

Visit the Learning Forward site 

Comprehensive Professional Learning System: A Workbook for States and Districts

Additional Tools for Professional Learning Systems and Plans

{Connecticut Core Standards Logo}

Connecticut Core Standards is a CSDE resource that provides professional development opportunities, on-demand professional learning and a library of professional learning materials.

Visit the CT Core Standards site 

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The Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) provides differentiated professional learning for beginning teachers as they reflect on applied instructional strategies and analyze student data and outcomes.

Visit the TEAM site 


To view a list of upcoming evaluation and support trainings and events, please visit the Connecticut Educator Evaluation and Support website 

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