Connecticut State Department of Education
Parents & Community
Child Nutrition, Health Programs & Services
Emotional/Mental/Social Health & Positive School Climate
Bullying, Character Education, Safe and Drug-Free Schools, School Climate, School Social Work, School Psychology, Primary Mental Health Program, and School Climate
Bullying, Character Education and School Climate
School Social Work
School Psychology
Primary Mental Health Program
English Learners
Family & Community Involvement and Youth Development Programs
After School Initiatives, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Extended School Hours Programs, Faith Based Programs, Family Resource Centers, Family Literacy, Homeless Education, Learn and Serve America, School-Family-Community Partnerships, Young Parents Program, and Youth Service Bureaus.
No Child Left Behind
This link provides information for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, students, parents and the community regarding the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.
Preparing for College
Public School Choice
Choice programs provides enrollment options and information for parents and students about educational choices now available in Connecticut. There are answers to basic questions about the operation of the schools or program. Q & A’s for open choice; interdistrict magnet schools; state technical high schools; charter schools; regional agriculture science and technology education centers; and interdistrict cooperative grant programming.
Regional School Choice Office
School Governance Councils
Special Education
The Bureau of Special Education oversees Connecticut’s compliance with state and federal special education laws and regulations. Information, resources and guidelines regarding special education are available at this site.